iPhone 5c prices slashed by more than $110 in China

It is no secret that the Chinese phone buying public are not at all interested in the entry-level iPhone 5c! Poor sales have forced E-commerce sites to slash prices with one of the largest advertising prices $114 lower than retail!

Tmall.com one of China’s largest E-commerce sites (owned by Alibaba and a sister site to Taobao) is listing the colourful iPhone 5c at $114 less than the recommended retail price for the Chinese mainland. Official Apple stores and resellers have the plastic bodied iPhone 5c priced at 4288 Yuan ($702), which isn’t much cheaper than the flagship iPhone 5s, as such Chinese customers have been passing the cheaper option by.

Sales are proving to be so bad that online prices for the iPhone 5c have dropped to an average of 3600 Yuan ($590)! Still, even with such a drop it is unlikely that the 5c will find buyers considering domestic phones from Xiaomi, Meizu and even premium priced Oppo handsets are priced at much less.

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