Voto V5 Youth specifications, UMi X2 on a budget

The Voto V5 Youth makes an appearance again sporting it’s UMi X2 body with low-cost, but high performance internals!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the relationship with UMi and Voto let us fill you in. Back when the Umi X2 launched Voto was the manufacturing partner which produced the X2 phones, since then though UMi and Voto have parted ways, but Voto continues to produce the X2 as their own phone, the Voto V5.

The Voto V5 Youth is a budget variant of the 1080 V5, similar to the iOcean X7HD we featured yesterday. The body of the V5 Youth is the same as the V5 (UMi X2) but hardware has been changed to lower the price to just 899 Yuan ($130).

Major changes include a 5-inch 1280 x 720 display, 1.3Ghz MT6582 processor, 1GB RAM and 4GB internal memory.

Voto V5 Youth specifications

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The Voto V5 Youth will go on sale in China for 899 Yuan in China, but pricing will be slightly more (around $150) when it eventually goes on sale abroad.

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