Tegra K1 Benchmarks Look Impressive

At the Consumer Electronic Show last week in Las Vegas, Nvidia showcased its new Tegra k1 chip and touted it as a massive leap in mobile graphics technology. Late last night we got our first non-official look at what the chip can do, Tegra K1 Benchmarks have leaked onto the internet.

We already know, thanks to Nvidia, that the chip is capable of running Unreal Engine 4, which by its nature, instantly make the chip seem like head and shoulders above of its competition. But how does it perform in more objective tests?

Toms Hardware ran through some benchmarks on the Tegra K1 powered Lenovo Thinkvision 28, an Android powered “all in one PC+” while checking it out on CES’ show floor.

Two things should be noted before these tests are taken as gospel. One, the Tegra K1 wasn’t running at full speed, for whatever reason Lenovo has underclocked it, from 2.3Ghz to 2.0Ghz. Second, the Thinkvision 28 is a beast of a machine with a 28 inch 4k screen, and displaying anything on that eats up a lot of processing power.

Keeping those caveats in mind, how did it do?

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When compared to the Snapdragon 800 (Nexus 5), Apple A7 (iPhone 5s) and its predecessor the Tegra 4 (Tegra Note 7), the Tegra k1 outperformed all of them in the Futuremark 3D test. The Tegra K1 performed 25% better in the GPU Graphics and CPU Physics loads than the A7, its closest competitor.

When moving to the Kishonti GFXBench, the Tegra k1 scored almost twice that of its closest competitor, the Apple A7, on the off-screen test. When moving to the on-screen test the Tegra K1 performed worse than the other CPUs, but that is due to the Thinkvision’s insane screen.

On AnTuTu, the Tegra K1 powered Thinkvision performed fairly badly, likely due to again, the power demands of the 4k screen, but it actually performed admirably in the UX section of the test.

More benchmark images can be seen on Toms Hardware.

[Image and info: Toms Hardware]
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  1. Freeje
    January 14, 2014

    I’ve got the Tegra 4 Note 7. It’s fast but I can’t wait to get the Tegra K1 Note 7. It surely will be a beast! The Tegra 4 stutters a bit when opening a 100 page PDF file. Loading a page takes a second or two. With the K1 one it should be instant.