Octacore, 1080 Zopo ZP980+ priced at just $165 in China!

Octacore, 1080 Zopo ZP980+ priced at just $165 in China!


Zopo China have waded into the price wars with the launch of the octacore Zopo ZP80+ with 5-inch 1080 display for just $165!

The ZP980+ is basically an updated version of the popular ZP980 which launched last year with 5-inch 1080 display and quad-core processor. The new model gets some fine updates though including a 1.7Ghz octacore processor, LTPS ultra sensetive display and 14 mega-pixel F2.2 rear camera (although the image shows an 8MP unit).

What makes the Zopo ZP980+ so exciting though is the price which has been set at only 999 Yuan ($165) here in China! That’s quiet a price of an octacore phone with 1920 x 1080 display and 14 mega-pixel camera!

Before the launch of the ZP980+ the 888 Yuan Coolpad Halo F1 was one of the most affordable octacore phones, but the hardware on the Zopo blows the competition away!

International pricing hasn’t been announced, lets hope costs can be kept reasonably low!

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  • faizan

    oh wow

    • Turan Algin

      Where can i geht for 165$…

      • Jack

        Only if you live in China.

  • faizan

    if i get thi shandset some how, from china , will it work in other places?
    GSM 900/1800 and HSPA 2100?

    • pa5t1s

      GSM/2G should be OK.
      WCDMA 2100 is OK, not sure about HSPA tho…

  • Irv

    This might even blow their own ZP998 away, with about the same specs but only a 5″ screen instead of a 5.5″ screen. Sounds good to me!

    • Adrian

      with 1gb ram it wont be blowing much away in multitasking…and the price seems unreal for the specs…but if its real then its a steal

  • Poxie

    What AboutGhost touches. Was a big problem with the ZP980. I Will wait for the first reviews.

    • Adrian

      ghost touches were fixed ages ago…then again you said “was”

  • Joyer

    Source? RAM?

    • octa core mtk6592, 1gb RAM 16GB ROM.

  • deadhp1

    I haven’t seen a price lower than $269. $165 would be a steal!
    I’m going to do a review on the zp980+. It’s been in the mail for a few days so I should have it tonight.

    • ved prakash

      Am i not able to understand or u really saying “u dint 9 the price and still u r going to have it in hand by tonight ???”.

      anyway if u have it somehow we will wait for the review …..

  • Vlastimil Čech

    32GB ROM and 1Gb RAM at Etotalk for 239 USD 🙂

    • Proyectorledmaster EBayer

      In Pandawill there’s an Octacore priced at 199$ 5 inches HD.

      But if the ZP980+ gets near that… it will blow everything away.

  • deadhp1

    Just opened my package from geekbuying. ZP980+ looks very nice. Very fast. I scored over 26000 in Antutu. Specs are 1GB ram/32GB flash. I was expecting 16GB flash, so it’s a nice upgrade.

    For those wondering I haven’t noticed any phantom clicks/touches. I had those on my iOcean X7 and read about all the problems with the original zp980.
    I also tested the ZP980+ with a pair of thin gloves and it works! I’ll post a link to my review when I finish it.

    Also a word of caution when ordering the ZP980+ from anywhere….many sites have a ZP980+ model with the MTK6589T. So just make sure you double check the cpu listed in the description before you order.

    • Adrian

      RAM RAM RAM…on my 1GB C2 Platinum, I often need to swipe away all my apps to avoid lags due to other apps competing for RAM. In the screen shots from the eTotalk store, the free ram looks even smaller than my 1GB C2 platinum(running Gizchina v16 rom). Thats my biggest concern about 1GB ram on ANY new phone this year.

      • deadhp1

        I’d prefer 2GB of course, but 1GB suits me just fine.

        If you are already running out of ram on a 1GB phone then it makes sense to wait for a 2GB phone.

        I haven’t noticed any excessive ram usage on the ZP980+. It uses about the same as some mtk6589 phones I have.(iNew i2000 or the iOcean X7)
        If we get an upgrade to KitKat we may see ram usage go down. It’s been optimized for 512MB phones.

        • matrody

          Hi! Thanks for your review! What do you think about the speed compared to an mtk6589 or 6589t? One more question, how good is the camera? Thanks

          • deadhp1

            Still working on the review…when its ready I’ll post it up at armtvtech.
            The speed is very snappy. I installed XBMC and it loads extremely quick compared to the mtk6589t phones I have.
            The camera is actually very nice. It takes better pics than my galaxy s3 and better pictures than the inew i2000 and the I ocean x7.
            The flash is very bright and takes pics in dark areas very well.
            I’ll include pics taken with the camera in the review when I put it up.

            • matrody

              Thanks! Then I’m waiting for the full review…

      • markt9002

        Kitkat (4.4.x) is the solution. I only have to take apps out of memory if I have a lot of web pages open. Also, my Moto G is about as smooth as my Cyanogenmod S4.

    • coolicool has the octa core mtk6592 ZP980+ with 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM. only $264.99 with freeshipping.

  • prem

    Corning Gorilla Glass ? Please confirm is this have Gorilla glass.

  • Peepop

    Price usd160-165
    Hope andy can find.
    I think even stay I. China may be cannot get this price.
    Lets andy pls collect member order and make order foe us.

  • Chandan

    Anyone know about online store offering this phone under USD200???