Video: Huawei takes a dig at Apple and Samsung in its MWC teaser!

With MWC right around the corner, things are definitely more than just heating up. Huawei just put up a video in the affirmative!

Huawei MWC teaser


In the minute long video, a user of a device reminiscent of the iPhone is seen talking to a voice assistant (Siri, perhaps). The voice assistant mocks Apple and Samsung by calling them ‘The fruit’ and ‘Same song’ respectively.

While at it, the video also gives away a lot about Huawei’s plans for the next two weeks. Huawei teases a ‘beautiful and slim’ tablet, which comes with a ‘huge battery’, a new smartphone with an amazing front ‘selfie’ camera, another tablet that gives ‘the best multimedia experience’, and lastly, a device with a curved body that comes with LTE support.

So, what were those devices? Fruit or Some song?

Good humour or not, Huawei have managed to catch the attention of many with this attempt for certain. We hope this isn’t a case of ’empty vessels make more noise’.

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