Official: Xiaomi headed for India, Indonesia, Thailand. Still no plans for U.S and Europe

At the same event where Xiaomi announced it would launch the Xiaomi Mi3 in Singapore, Hugo Barra spoke about the company’s plans for international expansion going so far as telling us which countries will be next.

Let’s start with the good news. If you are a Xiaomi fan in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and India then you are in luck! Xiaomi’s expansion in to Singapore, and the reason they set up their international HQ there is so they could easily expand in to neighbouing Asian countries. India was also mentioned and Xiaomi are actively searching for partners in the country to launch their phones.

And now the bad news. U.S and European fans of Xiaomi phones are still in for a wait as Xiaomi still see these markets as to difficult for the company to enter at this time!

As for their Asian plans, Xiaomi are planning to keep their customer-focused marketing and development going as they expand in Asia. Customers in Singapore will also be happy to hear that a service center will be opened in the country for repairs to devices.

What do you think of Xiaomi’s plans? Do you think they could loose out to Meizu and Oppo who are already eyeing the U.S and Europe?

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