Snapdragon 610 quad-core and 615 Octacore to launch in Q4

snapdragon 610

We’ve been hearing a lot lately from Mediatek, but what about their rival Qualcomm? Well at MWC Qualcomm have a few new SoC’s to launch including the Snapdragon 610 and 615 chips.

Currently if a phone company wants to produce an octacore phone they have only 2 choices. They can either go down the Samsung route and get the Exynos Octa or the Mediatek route for the MT6592. The problem with both of these options though is that neither are 64-BIT and neither have 4G lte support! Qualcomm have the answer!

64-BIT, LTE, Octacore Snapdragon 615

The Snapdragon 615 is a new processor designed for mid-range smartphones. The chipset is based on 64BIT ARM A53 cores for a great balance of power and efficiently and will offer lte support at a mid-range friendly price.

Qualcomm have tired to help manufacturers to easily move over to the new 615 (and 610) by making the pin pattern compatible with the current Snapdragon 410 chipset which was announced in December. An integrated LTE modern is another feature which helps rive down costs and will help more manufactures adopt the new SoC’s sooner rather than later.

Quad-core 610 on the way too

It’s not all about octacore, as Qualcomm are also offering a similar processor called the Snapdragon 610 which packs similar features but in an octacore option.

Both the Snapdragon 610 quad-core and Snapdragon 615 octacore will be available to manufacturers by Q4 with devices running the chips expected early 2015.

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