LG G3 rumoured for June launch, how do LG G2 Pro users feel about this?

lg g3 concept

Imagine you had just bought the latest flagship smartphone only to find that it could be outdated by a newer model in just a few months! This is exactly what LG G2 Pro owners are facing today.

Just before MWC, LG announced the new LG G2 Pro, and updated, more powerful version of the their flagship device. The LG G2 Pro might not have been the all new phone we had hoped to see, but it is an excellent phone anyway and currently sits atop the LG range, but for how long?

According to new rumours, LG are still planning to launch the LG G3 and could be doing so as early as June! The LG G3 will be a true all new phone with a rumoured 5.5-inch QHD display, more RAM, a better camera and possibly LG’s own octacore Odin processor!

It is expected that the LG G3 will cost more than the LG G2 Pro, but it still must smart a little for customers who thought their phones would be top of the range for more than just a few months!

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