OnePlus One hits up Antutu once more, lets slip more hardware specs

one plus one antutu

OnePlus One and Cyanogenmod have been testing the OnePlus One on Antutu again where more details of the phone have arisen.

The OnePlus One is turning out to be less of a monster phone, and more of a thoughtfully designed device at a sensible price. We have already learnt that the OnePlus One will run a Snapdragon 800 rather than 801 or 805, and that the 5.5-inch display is a 1080 model rather than 2K, now benchmarks give us more information.

From the Antutu information shown here, the OnePlus One will run Android 4.4.2, which we know will be based on CyanogenMod, but styled specifically for the One. We can also see that the One will have a 5 mega-pixel main camera, 13 mega-pixel rear, rather than a 16 mega-pixel some had hoped.

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The final piece is the memory which is said to be 2GB RAM and 16GB memory. We already know that a 64GB version will also be available, but we also hope that OnePlus have included an SD card slot.

one plus one antutu

OnePlus will reveal another piece of the OnePlus One puzzle tomorrow, so keep posted.

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  1. The Chosen One
    March 15, 2014

    The specs are good and as you said thoughtfully designed but I was hoping for some kind of an Octa Core device and though as a rule I don’t buy the first run of any electronic item I would’ve taken the gamble with an Octa Core One Plus simply because of the wealth of experience behind its development and subsequent build.

    Now that we know its going to be a Quad Core I think I may grab a pair of Zopo ZP998’s now and grab a couple of 4G LTE Octa Cores at the end of the year, perhaps of the 64bit flavour.

    Hey Andi when do you think you’ll get a 4G LTE Octa Core to test and review with us eventually being able to purchase one?

    Don’t you think that an eventual multi band 4G LTE upgrade to the current Zopo ZP998 would create a well rounded killer smartphone as thats all thats missing?

    • PeterPan
      March 16, 2014


      • The Chosen One
        March 16, 2014

        Trust me when re-reading what I wrote i laughed at myself as i realized that some may think i’m being sarcastic, dumb or a Zopo fan boy all of which i am not.

        Truth is I am loyal to any brand that takes a beating from me and survives and the Zopo ZP900 Leader that both my wife and i have, has surprised me in a big way.

        I have put that phone through the wringer and its still at peak performance and I have everything stock. It even surrvived a 12foot drop onto a concrete pavement and apart from minor scratches and a knick in the molding immediately around the screen to the top left corner, the unit is still perfect in its day to day operation.

        For this I consider them first over any brand and thats due to my ongoing experience. We upgraded to Zopo after both our Star branded phones died exactly one year and a day after arrival. October 2012 we got our Zopo’s and mine is still going strong as my wife found out that as great as the ZP900 Leader has been to us, it simply wouldn’t survive a dunking into a tub filled with hot bubble bath water.

        So now i’m on may have to upgrade us pre-4G LTE Octa Core Arrival!

    • Bob Drake
      March 16, 2014

      You do realize that the quad core snapdragon 800 is A LOT faster than the octocore mt6592 found in the zp998 right? Don’t let the number of cores fool you. No apps actually use 8 cores. Barely any use more than 2 cores which is why Apple uses a dual core in the iPhone. Apple’s dual core is currently the fastest cpu found in any smartphone. On top of that the cores of the mt6592 are based on cortex A7 architecture which is vastly inferior performance wise to cortex A15 architecture found in the snapdragon.

      As far as wealth of experience behind its development and subsequent build is concerned, there is a lot more of that behind the snapdragon 800 as it’s used in many flagship phones like the lg g2 and the samsung galaxy note 3. Unlike Mediatek(creator of the octa you mention), Qualcomm(creator of the quad found in the One) actually releases kernel source code for their chipsets thus allowing developers to develop!

      Hope this was helpful

      • The Chosen One
        March 16, 2014

        “You do realize that the quad core snapdragon 800 is A LOT faster than the octocore mt6592 found in the zp998 right?”

        On Antutu the post-production MTK6592 1.7GHz hits 29415 and MTK6592 2.0GHz scores 32,606.The Pre-Production Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 claims 36000 on Antutu, but they are currently scoring 32000 post production.The Miezu Mi3 is just one phone that proves this.

        Quadrant is also a very significant test which stresses CPU, I/O, and the GPU. The Post Production MT6592 also fared excellent with the 2.0GHz MT6592 surpassing both the 2.2GHz and 2.3GHz Pre-Production Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC. The post Production MTK6592 with 2.0GHz scored 19500+, and its little brother 1.7GHz version scored 18,000+ which was on par with both Qualcomm pre-production versions of their Snap Dragon 800 SoC.

        We all know that pre-production scores trend higher than post production scores so do not knock MediaTek just because they are cheaper especially with their smartphone Big.little SoC to come later this year

        “Don’t let the number of cores fool you. No apps actually use 8 cores.”

        Well Qualcomm said the same and turned around and released a video geared at discrediting MediaTek’s Octa Core. Guess who’s releasing an octa core chip of there own later on this year! QUALCOMM that’s who! Guess how many top brand global manufactures besides HTC, Samsung and Sony, are using MediaTek chips in some of their upcoming devices. Or is it reverse engineering? Hmmm!

        “Barely any use more than 2 cores which is why Apple uses a dual core in the iPhone. Apple’s dual core is currently the fastest cpu found in any smartphone.”

        This is incorrect and I’m not gonna even touch on that simply because every apple iphone and ipad cpu ismade by samsung. you firgure out the rest.

        “On top of that the cores of the mt6592 are based on cortex A7 architecture which is vastly inferior performance wise to cortex A15 architecture found in the snapdragon”

        True in terms of the brute processing force of the cpu on its own, but, when paired with the quad core Mali-450MP4 GPU as in the
        MediaTek it enhances the cpu’s overall performance when on load and that’s why the mediatek scored what it scored in both antutu & quardrant thus causing others to take notice.

        “As far as wealth of experience behind its development and subsequent build is concerned”

        When I made that comment I was referencing the upcoming One+ smart phone and its designing and development backing.

        Now in the interest of learning. If I have a Quad Core where only 2 cores are used at any given point in time with the other 2 cores kicking in to support the load on the CPU when extra processing is needed vs 8 cores functioning simultaneously, wouldn’t my task be processed sooner accross the 8 simultaneous cores?

        I understand the A7 vs the A15 improvement but I think 8 A7’s in simultaneous harmony paired with a quad core GPU is just as good in most aspects if not all than 4 A15’s. Just my opinion!

        • Bob Drake
          March 16, 2014

          For starters go read the review of the iphone 5s over at anandtech. I’d post a link but I’m not sure if I’m allowed. Just google it. There is a detailed technical analysis of apple’s A7 64 bit cpu explaining how and why it dominates. On page 2 it also explains how more cores doesn’t translate to more performance in reality. The author goes as far as to criticize Qualcomm for making quad cores instead of dual cores for marketing reasons. I suspect the octacore snapdragon 615 has more of a marketing rationale behind it too. Consumers naturally assume that more cores is better.

          To my knowledge (computer science grad) 8 cores can’t just work together simultaneously unless your program is parallelized in such a way to do so. And not all problems can be parallelized. There is also a performance cost to do so and more often than not that cost is too high and the gains are minimal. You have to actually code multiple threads and that is no easy task at all. I imagine Antutu just loads every core in a manner that doesn’t actually show up in real world use. You can’t just split load into 8 different parts.

          The only situation I can think of where you would manage to load all 8 cores is when running multiple cpu heavy tasks simultaneously like playing a game while converting video in the background. I never use my smartphone in such a way and I don’t know anybody who does.

          Here are some geekbench scores to put things into perspective:
          MT6592 : single core:441 — multi core:2339
          Snapdragon 800 :single core:927 — multi core:2769
          Apple A7 : single core:1411 — multi core:2554

          Notice how low the cortex A7(not to be confused with Apple’s A7 they are completely different) cores score compared to the others.

          Also I am yet to see a 2 ghz mtk6592 in any phone.
          Not to mention the adreno 330 gpu found on the snapdragon smokes the mali-450.

          I am really REALLY looking forward to mediatek’s future 64 bit big.LITTLE soc though! Sounds like its going to be killer.

          • The Chosen One
            March 16, 2014

            There are a couple 2Ghz mtk6592’s out there.

            Honestly we could quote different benchmark programs all day and it still wouldn’t translate to real world use.

            I am in the U.S. with my dual core Zopo that’s only 3G. My provider is an MVNO that uses the At&t network. I have co-workers who have services from the major players and a couple others have their service from the other more well known MVNO’s. They all have the most up to date devices yet stuff like video both through news outlets and youtube load faster for me 60% of the time.

            So much so that one coworker who is an Apple freak saw me looking at the zp998 and actually purchased it for his wife and its been 2.5wks since it was delivered to our job he is yet to complete his “testing” we now refer to him as the Andropple Guy.

            • Bob Drake
              March 17, 2014

              Interesting. Chinese phones are definitely up and coming. Bright future ahead. They only need to catch up on the software side of things. It’s been so long and still no kitkat. A real shame. Hopefully that all changes with mediatek’s rise to glory!

  2. Melsyoo
    March 16, 2014

    Wasn’t the one supposed to have 3 Gb ram?

  3. March 16, 2014

    Let’s be clear. The OnePlusOne is a disappointment because of the huge amount of hype that it’s founder created. He set the expectation that the phone would be a category killer in EVERY category, and then ONLY released the specs for the LTE bands (where it IS a category killer). As the rest of the specs were doled out drop by drop, they came with rationalizations for not using the fastest processor, best screen, etc. Now it’s become clear that the device’s hardware is just middle of the road, and on par with 2013 tech. Who wouldn’t be disappointed?

    It’s not a disappointment (so far) because of anything poorly implemented in the phone. It hasn’t even been seen by non-insiders, so who can say if it’s buggy or perfect. What we can say is they promised a Ferrari and are delivering a Toyota.

    • The Chosen One
      March 16, 2014

      My point exactly!

  4. Firebender
    March 17, 2014

    Did anyone notice font differences in the benchmark result picture? Phone name, SoC, and GPU are different from those in the rest. Is is just a mistake or something else?

  5. Per Lunqvist
    April 7, 2014

    2gb ram no buy.

    • April 7, 2014

      If it had 3GB would you buy it?

      • vndergrovnd
        April 8, 2014

        its confirmed!!

      • Per Lunqvist
        April 9, 2014


    • vndergrovnd
      April 8, 2014

      has 3gb of ram!