New Phone News Feature: News By Phone Brand!

news by phone brand

We are continually adding new features to GizChina to make the site easy to use for you the readers. The latest edition is news by phone brand!

Are you an avid Xiaomi fan and don’t really care what Oppo are up to? Do you just want to follow the latest OnePlus news? Or do you just like to browse news by phone brand?

To give GizChina readers easy access to brand related news we have created a new News by Brand feature which you can find under the meun item “Phone Brands”. In the menu above you will find a drop down under “Phone Brands” giving you easy access to news related to your favourite phone brands. For the time being we have only added the most popular phone brands, but intend to add more categories over the coming weeks.

If the feature becomes popular we will also add a similar set up for tablets, and other devices. If you would like a section adding please let us know in the comments section below.

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