Zopo ZP1000 spotted running MIUI?

zopo zp1000

Zopo’s new ZP1000 makes an appearance in front of the camera’s once again, purportedly running MIUI.

Leaked photos of the Zopo ZP1000 running what appears to be MIUI have turned up on Weibo leading some Chinese tech sites to claim that Zopo are working with Xiaomi to launch Zopo phones with MIUI preinstalled.

We’ll that’s what someone with Zopo wants us to believe! In actual fact this is more likely just the Zopo ZP1000 with the MI Home launcher installed from Google Play which includes icons for most popular Android apps.

The Zopo ZP1000 has already received it’s network license and is tipped to be one of these first smartphones to run a 6-core Hexacore processor from Mediatek.

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