4G iPad Air and iPad Mini Finally Reach China

Android tablets are great. We all know this. If you read GizChina, there is a better than average chance that you own an Android device or two. However, there are some out there that are still dedicated to Apple’s iOS. That brand loyalty isn’t nearly as strong in China, so Apple is doing its damndest to grow some loyalty in the world’s second largest economy.

Android controls more than 78 percent of the market share in China, something Apple has been trying to fix. For the first time ever last year, Apple launched its latest iPhone and iPad on its global release date this past November. However, the 4G enabled iPad Air and iPad Mini weren’t included and have not been available to the Chinese public.

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Yesterday, the two internationally popular devices launched in China. The two iPads are now listed on Apple’s Chinese site in just as many variations as customers from the west get to choose from.

The iPad Air models include the 16GB model for 4,448 RMB ($716, €519)  the 32GB model for 5,188 RMB ($836, €605)  the 64GB model for 5,888 RMB ($948, €687) and the 128GB model for 6,588 RMB ($1,061, €769).

Likewise, the iPad Mini with Retina display comes in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB for 3,788 RMB ($610, €442) 4,448 RMB ($716, €519) 5,188 RMB ($836, €605) and 5,888 RMB ($948, €687) respectively.

Can iPads that run on China’s newly developed 4G network help the tech giant make a dent in Android’s stranglehold on China?

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[Photo Credit: Apple]
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