Give your Xiaomi Redmi an iPhone makeover with tempered glass Xiaocase

xiaomi redmi xiaocase

I think we can all agree that the Xiaomi Redmi was never a great phone in terms of style, so why not give it an iPhone makeover with the Xiaocase.

However you feel about Xiaomi phones there are some undeniable benefits for choosing the Beijing phone maker, and choice of accessories is one. Due to the huge popularity and demand for their phones, Xiaomi and others have a great range of covers and accessories to choose from.

xiaomi redmi xiaocase

One of the more sophisticated options for the Xiaomi Redmi is the Xiaocase. The optional cover is made of tempered glass and gives your Xiaomi Redmi a more up market, iPhone look and feel. Added style does come at the cost of size though and the alloy/glass body will bring the overall build of the Redmi to 11mm.

The Xiaocase for the Xiaomi Redmi is on sale in black now for $19.99 through Xiaomi World.

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