$135, 4GLTE ZTE Redbull launches in China as another potential Xiaomi rival

$135, 4GLTE ZTE Redbull launches in China as another potential Xiaomi rival

zte redbull v5 launch china

ZTE once again go for Xiaomi’s jugular, today with the launch of their $135 ZTE Redbull smartphone.

The ZTE Redbull had been rumoured over the past few weeks to be a new flagship device from the Chinese phone giant, however we were all taken by surprise when today they launched the phone from just 799 Yuan!

zte redbull v5 launch china

At that price ZTE will be competing directly with Xiaomi, Lenovo and others, but ZTE have a killer feature the others do not! 4G LTE support!

zte redbull v5 launch china

LTE will be the feature which will attract most customers to the Redbull over the Xiaomi Redmi Note, or even Coolpad F1, thankfully the rest of the hardware is impressive too and the phone looks handsome and comes in a range of colours (Lime Green, Sea Blue, Lolita Pink, Primrose Yellow etc).

zte redbull v5 launch china

The front of the ZTE Redbull comes with a light up capacative set of navigation keys including a ‘halo’ home button, 5-inch 720p display, and front facing 5 mega-pixel camera with 88 degree wide angle lens.

zte redbull v5 launch china

zte redbull v5 launch china

The rear camera is a 13 mega-pixel Sony CMOS lens with F2.2 aperture and 5 part sapphire glass lens, while under the hood beats the heart of a quad-core Snapdragon processor (either an MSM8926 or MSM8928) and a removable 2400mAh battery.

zte redbull v5 launch china

zte redbull v5 launch china

Memory options include the 1GB RAM 4GB memory 799 Yuan ‘Youth’ and the 2GB RAM 8GB memory 999 Yuan ‘Energy’ models, and yet they both have SD card support and at least option has dual sim.

zte redbull v5 launch china

ZTE aren’t wasting no time and will begin sales of the ZTE RedBull here in China this afternoon!

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  • Allanitomwesh

    Snapdragon dual SIM,me likey. But which button is back? Haha

    • Xiaolu

      That’s a good question, 😉 my phone’s got the same layout, once you’ve pressed 3 times you feel no need of ugly looking -in my opinion- symbols.

    • AdamL

      I have a zte device. Its the right button…

      • Allanitomwesh

        Ah,would take some getting used to …

  • johnickz

    I want to wait for this phone but I know that it will be a long wait until Europe and WCDMA! Altought I want to buy a Coolpad 8297 WCDMA! Andi you reviewed this phone, are you suggest me to buy it??

  • Michael De Giovanni

    A very good looking phone! Will it support WCDMA or is like most other phones, somthing which will come later on ?

    • Bojan Radovanović

      i gues it will, it’s snapdragon not a MTK

  • Darevintage

    This is an uppercut blow to the competitors. I bet none of them saw this coming so fast.

    • Airyl

      Agreed. ZTE’s got a killer product here.

  • Adam Surfari

    Impressive piece of machine!

  • ¥math67¥

    Moto G killer. Just need 4.4 and some custom roms and i will get it to replace my faea F2 if he is wcdma.

  • anon

    When will it come out to the international market?

  • tonio93

    Just for china, now no international for this moment

  • Parth

    This is the Phone we are looking for. 720p is also very good with LTE at that price. ZTE have USB Dongle business in India. Why not this phone for India?

  • Timon the Female Meerkat

    Wow. Looks promising. And specs are better than even Huawei Honor 3C for the same price.

  • geekwannabe

    In China that name will pass but if it goes International I fully expect lawsuits to come from a certain reputable energy drink company…

  • Browny Brown


  • Chandan

    yes, please do post user review. It is really legend killer product. Looking to buy it. Will it work for international users. Please confirm.

  • Chandan

    @Andi: Any news on WCDMA version for international users. Any online retail store to order for international users.

  • Brandon

    Can anyone tell me is there a sens to change Honor 3c to this ZTE ? im not rly good in this . MSM8926 or MSM8928 tells me not much . or just go for MTK 8core ? thank you for help …

  • Qidamin

    Seems to be ok with Wcdma but with no 4G, only 3G and I was unable to find the frequencies. Also I did not find website where to buy here in China.
    Edit : it will be on sale on JD.com but specs did not say anything about wcdma, I presume the website I have seen was wrong 🙁

  • Abdul Rehman Sorathia

    ny idea where to buy one

  • bobo

    Hmm! From 6.06 to 6.29, there’s a 4% decrease in battery life! I was hoping to get one for my daughter for gaming, but don’t want to get anything comparable to the Huawei Mediapad’s battery life.

  • BeN