Malaysia Is Next In Xiaomi’s World Domination Plans, More To Come

Xiaomi has been making its way through Asia like a Mongol horde.  And like Genghis Khan’s exploits, the whole world is wondering if they plan to turn their sights on the West, but so far, they seem content to conquer Asian territory after Asian territory.

Xiaomi  obviously isn’t Mongolian and the Khans stopped just short of modern day Malaysia, so the analogy kind of runs thin after that, but Xiaomi is clearly trying to take over the (cell phone) world, one Asian territory at a time. Of course, as the hiring of Hugo Barra already indicated, Xiaomi has plans outside of Asia as well.

During the China 2.0 forum at Beijing University, Hugo Barra laid out some of Xiaomi’s future plans for expansion. First, their campaign in Asia will finish with Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and India before setting their sights on Latin America, starting with Mexico and Brazil.

According to Tech in Asia, Barra also stated that Xiaomi wants to solidify its position in those South Asian countries before venturing into India.

Xiaomi has been growing at an exceedingly fast pace, selling over 11 million phones in the first three months of this year already.

We will keep you up to date on Xiaomi’s conquest plans as the year rolls on.

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