MIUI V5 based on Andorid 4.4 KitKat now in beta on the Xiaomi Mi3

miui kitkat xiaomi mi3

Xiaomi Mi3 owners will be happy to learn that MIUI V5 based on Android 4.4 KitKat is now undergoing beta tests!

Xiaomi owners have been able to enjoy higher than average specifications and frequent updates to the MIUI ROM, but still don’t have the luxury of running the latest build of Google’s open-source mobile operating system. This will soon change though as MIUI V5 based on KitKat is not undergoing beta tests in China on the flagship Xiaomi Mi3 (WCDMA 3G version pictured here).

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In this case Xiaomi are slightly off the mark and follow Meizu in to the KitKat era, and aren’t likely to publically realise Android 4.4 for the Mi3 until after tha launch of the OnePlus One phone which does boast the latest Android build!


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  1. FTP
    April 15, 2014

    Good News, Any news on other Xiaomi Phones getting 4.4
    I have a M2A its in 4.1.1 for a long time.

  2. Guardinova
    April 15, 2014

    tbh i dunno why miui is so praised, yes you receive an update every week, but thats so minor it barrely adjusts the os…and besides my mi2s still has 4.1 while 4.4 has been out for so long already cant figure why the camera app cant be a lil more decent and the phone still tends to lag on medium tasks while using normal battery mode…

    • Mitu
      April 16, 2014

      Indeed it seems very inconsistent of Xiaomi. The Hongmi/Redmi came with Android 4.2.2 while the Mi3 came with Android 4.3 and now already gets updated to 4.4. Let’s not hope they do it like Samsung where only the new top models get the latest Android version and support for the previous top model is in decline and you need to wait more than a year on an upgrade like with the Note II.

      • Guardinova
        April 16, 2014

        To be honest, even samsung is faster with updating their previous flagship models. I hope xiaomi will improve this by the time they decide to release their phones in Europe….and exactly the same with the availability of their phones. its ridiculous how hard it is to get one from their own website…even in china after 6 months for the mi2s(last september/october)

        • Simon
          April 16, 2014

          Guardinova did you only just recently get the Mi2S after 6 moths of trying ?

          • guardinova
            April 16, 2014

            No i bought it in october in china. Just in an regular store for about 500 yuan more than from the website. Why?

  3. Simon
    April 16, 2014

    I think Xiaomi, now needs to up its game, otherwise there maybe defection to other brands.

    • Joel
      April 21, 2014

      The problem is that MIUI doesn’t need Android all that much, they only use it for Android app compatibility. Most of it’s ROM is powered by MiOS which is upgraded significantly every week.