Oppo N1 price cut on Oppo Style

The Oppo N1 has had it’s price slashed by as much as $100 USD on the Oppo Style website.

With the Oppo Find 7a in the picture and acting as interim flagship until the Find 7 arrives, Oppo Style have slashed the price of new Oppo N1 phones in their store. Originally the 16GB Oppo N1 cost $599 while the 32GB model $549, now the prices are $499 and $549.

Price cuts on a phone the age of the Oppo N1 are common, Meizu, Xiaomi and others often reduce pricing 5-6 months after a product launch. This does bring another thought to mind, with the Oppo N1 being such a niche device has it been popular enough for Oppo to create a successor with similar rotating camera features?

Thanks to Peter for the tip.

[ Oppo Style ]
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