Moto E Leaked Completely

Moto E Leaked Completely


Wondering what the upcoming budget Motorola Moto E is going to look like and what it is packing? You don’t have to wonder any longer, full specs and press ready images of the device have leaked online ahead of its reveal.

Images and specifications of the device appeared on a Brazilian e-commerce site which were then picked up by Technoblog also says they have confirmed the specs using internal documents they have obtained.

The budget phone will feature 1GB of RAM, a dual-core Snapdragon 1.2Ghz CPU (exact model not confirmed, but the Snapdragon S2 to the 400 are possibilities given the CPU speed). The Moto E has a 4.3 inch screen with an unknown resolution, but 91mobiles claims that it will likely boast 720 x 1280 (720p) resolution. It also has 4GB of expandable internal storage, dual-SIM support, and a 1,980mAh battery.

It also ships with Android 4.4 and promises to support at least the next major Android update.

When it was listed, the Moto E had a price of 599,04 BR ($270, €197). Which would have seemed like a budget price just a few months ago, but with the recent flood of Chinese devices available around that price while boasting stronger specs, does the Moto E excite you at all?

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  • POY

    Motorola phones have a huge aftermarket scene, so would be good for modding.

  • mf1gt3r

    Absurd pricing. There are a thousand flagship spec’d phones you can get for $270

    • OnlyMe999

      that pricing isn’t accurate. I saw on another website that this will be about $150. The moto g can be bought for £99 in the uk ($160), so this phone will likely be £85 or less in the uk.

    • Wesley Mazamboni dos Reis

      The price in Brazil has a lot of taxes included. Price around world must be much better.

  • george

    There is demand for small phone with good specs.
    Brazil has a huge tax for imports so the price reflects that.
    The only Chinese phone with these features(4.3 screen with HD and snapdragon) is the Xiaomi Mi2s (240$ at resellers).
    The true alternative (small but gr8 screen) is the Jiayu G2F.
    Promised since November 2013 and still unavailable. Will it ever?

  • Cuerex

    some people have to understand that different phones are destined for different markets.

    jus because the pricing isn’t reasonable in your country doesn’t mean it won’t in another

    • desponent

      And which country is that? You can probably get something better for the price if you know where to look at.

      • Cuerex

        read george’s comment below

        • desponent

          Do you believe Brazil of all place will have this phone cheap? Do you even know how much their import duty is?

          • Cuerex

            motorola didn’t say that this phone is gonna be available in every country in the world

  • iANDROID8.1

    yeah great pricing I’m living in the Philippines and the prices of phones like that here tends to go double or even triple due to high taxes which kinda sucks.

  • Yasin

    looks like shit thick bezels.. even the low end chinese brands builds better looking phones…

  • shellfish

    It’s launching tonight on Flipkart for 117 dollars.
    Dual SIM
    GLONASS and Beidou