Breaking: Xiaomi launch Nvidia Tegra K1 Xiaomi Tablet!

Breaking: Xiaomi launch Nvidia Tegra K1 Xiaomi Tablet!

xiaomi tablet launch

After months of waiting and speculation, Xiaomi today finally announced their long-awaited Android tablet, and it is a killer!

We are already use to Xiaomi launching killer devices at low-cost, but the Xiaomi tablet takes things to a new level!

Let’s start with the display which comes from Sharp and measures in at 7.9-inch with an eye-popping resolution of 2048 x 1536! For those of you counting that is a pixel density of 326ppi! What’s more Xiaomi don’t want you to break that lovely panel in a hurry so have strengthened it with laminated Corning Gorilla Glass 3!

xiaomi tablet launch

It the display wasn’t treat enough then you should be excited with what is powering that panel! Xiaomi have again teamed up with Nvidia and have managed to shoehorn the mighty Nvidia Tegra K1 processor in the the device complete with a desktop quality Kepler GPU.

xiaomi tablet launch

With so much power and high-resolution a huge 6200mAh battery sourced from LG has been built in which gives a claimed 1200 hours stand-by, 24 hours reading and 16 hours video playback. Fast charging is also part of the package.

xiaomi tablet launch

Other features include a Sony 8 mega-pixel main camera, and 5 mega-pixel f2.0 front 2GB RAM, 16-64GB of internal memory, room for a 128GB SD card and dual stereo speakers! The complete device will come in a choice of ether white, pink, blue, yellow or green and measures 202.1 x 135.4 x 8.5mm at a weight of 360g.

Pricing in China is 1499 Yuan for the 16GB model and just 1699 Yuan for the 64GB model!

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  • Hasibur Rahman Chowdhury

    No 3g is big let down.

  • Tiah Oon Tjoe

    Awww Darn!! I had hoped they’d release a 10 inch tablet

    • Rob

      I’m glad it’s not a 10″ tablet as I recently bought the Onda V975m and I would’ve been really annoyed!!! lol Perhaps they will do a larger one next year and I can upgrade then. Anyone know what the Antutu benchmark for this is??

      • Tiah Oon Tjoe

        41k. I held off the Onda V795m as i was expecting xiaomi to release their tablet. =(

  • Zazzy

    No 3G/4G…plus in early June they will only start the beta program…

  • realjjj

    Not a fan of the aspect ratio but that aside the pricing is not great , not China great for sure. We’ll see soon what the Nexus 8 has to offer, hopefully Google won’t be pushing prices up again.

    • David van der Zande

      Price is amazing. Very high quality display, ultra fast processor for 1500 yuan!

  • Freeje

    As usual great specs for the price but still not readily available.

  • Faux-News

    Great one. They did it first.

  • hopper

    Will it has a infrared-blaster as a remote control like LG Pad 8.3?

  • Paulo Jorge

    Was a release date announced???

    • Zazzy

      Early June for the beta program…so at least one/two months later to start selling it…if we are lucky….

      • Josh

        And one month after we can buy the Mi-Pad Apple will release in september its Retina iPad mini successor … 😉

  • rememberus

    this is going to be my first tablet once an LTE version is available ,wifi only doesn’t quite cut it for me

  • highwind

    available for purchase in 2015?

    • Yeti hand

      nah spring 2016

      • Hoàng Vững

        Haha, =))

  • Michael Strauss

    Where are the other Xiaomi news???
    It’s 8 pm already in China, event ended. No news?

  • Mitu

    No news about Redmi Note WCDMA, MIUI V6, Kitkat for the Redmi? Mei shi la.
    So the Mipad is only available in Apple iPhone 5c colors?? Strange is see black in the photos but not in the list of available colors. Wish they kept their coloring schemes more like the Mi3 or Hongmi.
    Ohh well now only wait until it becomes available.

  • Peter

    This is gonna be a 160$ beast!
    Edit: ups didn’t see it was gonna be 240$…. Still a fair price though for top notch specs, but definitely gonna be pricey for international buyers

  • lei

    amazing price for the specs, however tegra k1 needs some time to get along with the softwares and games, so I’ll just wait until the time you can buy it

  • Vatil

    Why isn’t there any news here abt the 4k TV?

  • Vlastimil Čech

    Nice TABLET and baterry. But havent 3G +LTE, havent NFC, Havent GPS+ Glonass, havent HDMI.. and so on 🙁

  • Paulo D

    Great price for the specs.

    I only wish wished that had 9.7 “

  • Clamaran

    If they release it without 3g will be shame, big, big shame.

  • Hoàng Vững

    Any video hands on from you, Andi?

  • 10.1 inch i will thing about it

  • Sere83

    Always been a big xiaomi fan ever since I got their first phone the m1. But I think that they have gone too far with the copying of design cues from apple. The presentation, the screen/aspect, the casing, the camera position and even the tablet version of MIUI, especially the icon style/placement and blurred wallpapers/backgrounds. Ill be surprised if apple don’t sue. Its just too close for comfort. Had hoped they would move away from the iOS style in the latest MIUI.