Are you suffering from Oppo Find 7a screen yellowing or other problems?

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Oppo China have made an official statement over customer concerns that the screen on the Find 7 and Find 7a has a yellowing issue.

Customers in China have been complaining to Oppo about yellowing Oppo Find 7 screens for weeks and now with many customers complaining that the issues are due to faults in the phone, Oppo have finally made an official statement concerning the matter.

According to Oppo their are two issues which are concerning Oppo Find 7 owners. The first is that many owners of the Find 7a have found the screen to appear more yellow along the bottom edge of the phone. Oppo claim the reason for this is due to more intense light in this area meaning the light does not display uniformly across the panel and are offering to test (and if necessary) replace phones.

The second issue affects the Oppo Find 7 (2K model) with customers complaining that the colours on the screen are more yellow and less realistic than those on the Find 7a. Oppo have said that they have released a software update which fixes this.

These are not the only issues that customers have had, I personally have had to return my Oppo Find 7a and received a refund when the display on the phone became unusable due to aggressive ghost touching.

Have any Oppo Find 7 owners reading this had similar issues? Let’s hope that the problems have now been fixed.

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