Shallots X1+ gets octacore processor and waterproof coating

shallot x1+

On the 29th of May, Shallots will be releasing the X1+ featuring the same thin body as the regular X1 with the addition of a waterproof coating.

Shallots launched the original X1 this year as an ultra thin octacore smartphone with a Vivo inspired design and impressive hardware. We’re not sure how many X1 were sold, but obviously enough of them were  to warrant keeping the phone around for a while.

From tomorrow the Shallots X1+ will be available which has the same design but with a waterproof coating to keep it safe from the odd splash of coffee or trip down the toilet. Pricing for the octacore X1+ will be 699 Yuan in China, which for the spec is very attractive.

Keep your eyes open for the Shallots X1+ as resellers begin offering the phone for sale.

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