Leaked photos suggest Oppo planning a LTE phablet

oppo phablet lte

Oppo have confirmed that the 10th June will be the date for an LTE conference and leaked photos could give us a clue at what we will see.

Oppo have been rather busy these past few days with the release of an LTE Oppo N1 Mini and the LTE Oppo R6007 (one of the more interesting mid-range Oppo phones for a while), now Mr Blurry lens have posted images of what could be a 3rd phone.

oppo phablet lte

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The staged leaks show a phone with what could be the Oppo logo on the rear being held up to the ear and placed in at pocket. From the photos we can see that the new device is quite large, possibly up to 6-inch, but still easily slips in to a trouser pocket. Interestingly the colour scheme and design looks a lot like Vivo’s previous phones with a silver alloy and white plastic banded effect.

Whatever this phone/phablet of Oppo’s could be we will see it quite soon.

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