Huawei: Mulan’s Kirin 920 ‘Faster’ Than Snapdragon 805

The mobile CPU wars just got even more interesting. The Huawei Mulan, the mystery Huawei device that has been the subject of a few leaks over the past few days, will apparently use Huawei’s newest System on Chip, the octa-core Kirin 920.

The octa-core SoC uses ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture, which allows it to save battery by using the least powerful pairing of four cores. The Kirin 920 will have four Cortex A7 CPUs clocked between 1.3 and 1.6Ghz partnered with a set of four Cortex A15 chips.

GPU-wise it has a top of the line Mali-T628 ready to push out high quality graphics. Huawei also says this will be the first SoC to utilize Cat. 6 4G LTE. It will also support 4K video recording, screen resolutions up to 2k, five wireless standards (TD-LTE/LTE FDD / TD-SCDMA / WCDMA / GSM) and HiFi sound.

What makes it most interesting however, is Huawei’s claim that the chip will be faster than even the Snapdragon 805, something AnTuTu score have not yet bore out. However, as Huawei is quick to point out, the Kirin 920 is not yet a finished product and they presumably hope to make it perform better before its retail release.

We’ll have more on the Mulan and the Kirin 920 as it becomes available.



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