iOcean X8 Giveaway Part 4 and 5

iocean x8 review

Here are parts 4 and 5 to our iOcean X8 giveaway! Once you have these pieces all you need to do is to wait until Sunday to enter the competition.

Another internet calamity has meant parts 4 and 5 of our giveaway have been placed together, apologies for this. If you have followed the previous posts on how to enter the giveaway then you will already have 6 letters and should have a very very good idea of what the last 2 letters are going to be. In fact even if you have struggled to answer a question I’m sure you can figure the letters out without a problem 😉

If you do need a refrech and want to take a look at the previous questions then hit the links below:

iOcean X8 Giveaway Part 4 and 5

The next questions are below along with a very easy task;

  1. Compete the sentence: The iOcean X8 has an _________ of f2.4.
  2. Complete this sentence from the iOcean About Page: Customer Satisfaction. ___________. Quality assurance.

Now you should have a total of 8 letters. Follow this step;

  • Unscramble the 8 letters to make the name of a technology website dedicated to Chinese tech.

Now keep your answer ready for Sunday and good luck!

For more details of iOcean phones and news visit the official iOcean website or take a look at the iOcean Facebook page.

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