Huawei Honor Cube is the name of the mystery media hub

Huawei Honor Cube is the name of the mystery media hub

huawei honor cube

A few days ago we posted details of a mystery Huawei Media Hub, new details reveal the device to be the Huawei Honor Cube.

The Huawei Honor Cube will go up against the Xiaomi router, but is more than just a means to move the internet wirelessly around your home, and is actually designed to be a media hub.

The Cube, available in white and possibly black, will cost around 1500 Yuan (if Weibo rumours are to be believed) and according to reports will come with a dual system running a 1Ghz processor for wireless and streaming duties and a 1.5Ghz when running the built in Android media features. The hub will also have support for dual frequency wifi, have 1GB RAM and up to 4TB of memory.

Do you think the Huawei Honor Cube can take on Xiaomi in the living room?

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  • Did you mean 4GB of memory? I cant help but wonder how you can stuff in 4TB inside the small media hub

  • 乃亜 印場

    Hi Michael, he meant 4TB of storage. The unit only has 1GB of RAM. There are currently two shipping models: One without any hard disk, and one with a 1TB hard disk included. If you can find a 4TB 2.5 inch SATA drive, it will support it.