How to fix Google Services on Vivo Xshot and Vivo Xplay 3S

vivo xshot vivo xplay 3s

If you are Vivo Xshot or Xplay 3S users, you may have discovered an with Google Services not working after the latest Funtouch update. Here is why and how to fix it.

I have been using my Vivo Xshot and Xplay 3S happily with all Google services up until yesterday when it all broke! What happened was this. I installed the Android Wear App to connect my G Watch but found that the app would crash. Like anyone else I checked for updates and found that although Android Wear was up to date, Funtouch was due an update.

Once downloaded and updated Android Wear worked! But all other Google Services were offline! Google Play store couldn’t connect, Google+ wouldn’t work and I head from other users that Google Music stopped working too.

What happened?

An email to Vivo quickly discovered that they had decided to remove Google Services from Funtouch as it wasn’t used in China. Strangely they also mentioned that their international team began a month ago. Removing Google Services seems like a strange choice with that in mind.

Anyway, the good news is the nice chap at Vivo had a fix.

How to fix Google Service on the Vivo Xshot and Vivo Xplay 3S

The steps are easy and once you follow them you will be back up and running.

  1. First step is to log out of your Google accounts.
  2. Then uninstall Google Play and Google services.
  3. Next, from the Vivo App store (built-in to Funtouch) download: Google服务框架vivo专版. (if you can’t search in Chinese just search Google and you will find it”. Download and install.fix google services vivo
  4. Once installed open the Google服务框架vivo专版 app and turn on “启用”. My phone then rebooted.
  5. When rebooted check in the app to make sure “已启用” is displayed in green and move on to the next steps.fix google services vivo
  6. Now that is done install Google service and Google Play (both available from the Vivo store).fix google services vivo
  7. That’s it you should now be able to add a Google account to your Vivo phone!
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Thanks to Jungle at Vivo for the fix and the very fast response. Also, thanks to where we received our Vivo Xshot from.

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