Mediatek MT6595 launched, capable of 47,000 on Antutu!

Mediatek MT6595 launched, capable of 47,000 on Antutu!

mediatek MT6595 launch

To say the Mediatek MT6595 performs well is a total understatement! The new octacore processor from the Taiwanese chip maker is truly brutal!

Although this is not the first octacore processor from Mediatek, it is the first to have integrated LTE and the first MTK SoC to use big.LITTLE architecture similar to that found on the Samsung Exynos range of octacore chipsets.

Leaked benchmarks promised that the MT6595 could be a real bruiser of a mobile processor, but we couldn’t be certain of the performance until the official launch earlier today in Shenzhen. At the even Mediatek bosses confirmed the power of their latest, posting a screenshot claiming the new chip can score over 47,000 points in Antutu!

The MT6595 is the most advanced processor from Mediatek to date, and will be the SoC that will help local Chinese phone makers build flagship killers and equally killer prices!

Specifications of the chipset include support for 20 mega-pixel cameras, 2560 x 1600 resolution displays, WCDMA, TDD-LTE, FDD-LTE and GSM, and camera features including slow motion and ultra HD video recording that previous MTK chips were not capable of. Audio has been enhanced also with supper for FLAC formats.

mediatek MT6595 launch

The MT6595 can be clocked at 2.2Ghz is likely to be the processor we will see in a number of high-end phones. Rumours even suggest that Meizu could be using the SoC for their more affordable Meizu MX4 phones which should launch in the next few months.

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  • ufg

    Watch out OnePlus One!! Soon $250 phones will be more powerful than you!!

    • mf1gt3r

      I totally agree.

  • Ert

    a real beast, thank you Mediatek!! Let’s hope gps reception is also much better
    as well as the prices will be near 6592 levels.

    • Marco Lancaster

      I guess this MTK6595 also get the improved chip of Mediatek for GPS, Radio and another componentes, and too, for this monster SoC se could expect Glonass support.

  • Rob

    This sort of confirms the last ‘leak’ showing it scoring 43000 points, since that was clocked at 1.7Ghz and this one at 2.2Ghz. If this chip is really capable of this kind of score, what will the 6795 be capable of? I’m assuming that it will become its flagship SoC once it launches, very exciting times indeed:-)

  • mf1gt3r

    Monstrously capable. Can’t wait to feel what its like.

  • Rajnish

    May be the next big thing which will get ultimate attraction of makers willing to produce high end smart phones with bare minimum cost.

  • hartec

    fake probably

    • rhs

      RK3288 in real life achieves 41000 with quad Cortex A17 at 1.8GHz, so this 47000 is 100% real.

  • Ronald

    MT6795, not MT6595

  • [email protected] Super slow Motion

  • xperiafan324

    Until and unless Mediatek starts supporting AOSP, stops violating the GPL and stops disrespecting ROM developers by the lack of support; they really could be of no threat to Qualcomm. Mediatek has so much potential that it is squandering by not supporting developers…Oh how I wish Allwinner and Rockchip would enter the smartphone SoC market, such developer friendly SoC makers those two.

    • highwind

      jeah, because not even 5% of all smartphone customers care for things like that… /facepalm

      • Marco Lancaster

        The guy is not wrong, and also you’re right, but believe in me the other 95% will truly care soon they don’t get updates on devices, due Mediatek refusal to colaborate with Devs and even with Brands.

        • highwind

          a clairvoyant told you that, right? xD

          the vast majority does not care for such trivial stuff as fractional digits of Android versions (especially not, if the versions dont bring anything new at all like they do currently…) let alone some home-made-tinker-ROMs… and they wont do so in the future!

          people want their devices to simply work the way they are used to it, thats why they used Windows XP for well over a decade and keep using it still.

          • Marco Lancaster

            The bad thing is Google start to limit old version of Android to put pressure to brands update, and already do it, you know with Android L use only ART, anyway it’s fine the SoC starts on Kitkat.

  • Kudos Mediatek. Now lets give Qualcomm a run for their money with this beast. Hmm … might hold of purchasing my next phone till I see MT6595 SoC rolling out in affordable smartphones.

  • Marco Lancaster

    Man, forget Snap 805 or 805, Mediatek take my money!