Xiaomi Mi4 to have the feel of ‘Apple’ products

xiaomi apple

3 days and counting and Xioami have released a teaser to give us some ideas of what to expect from their next device. The feel of “apple”!

It might not have a stainless steel shell, but the next Xiaomi phone is sure going to have a premium feel according to new teasers. To mark the 3 day point before the launch of the next Xiaomi phone, a teaser has been posted hinting at what we should expect.

The first point on the images is interesting as it states the that the new Xiaomi will have the feel of “Apple”. Now this could mean that Xiaomi have upped their design and build quality to that of Apple’s iPhone, but it could it mean an Apple skin finish similar to the OnePlus’s Baby Skin? Certainly an interesting prospect either way.

Next on the list it says the new Xiaomi will have the characteristics of tea. For the Chinese which could mean refined and smooth. And finally we are promised the performance of a Xiaomi.

So what does this all mean? A premium phone with the design and build of Apple, highly refined and with Xiaomi’s usually commitment to the latest high performance specs! Sign me up!

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