First real photo of the bamboo Xiaomi Mi4

First real photo of the bamboo Xiaomi Mi4

xiaomi mi4 bamboo rear

At the Xiaomi Mi4 launch, Lei Jun announced that the new flagship would be available with alternate style covers. Here is the first look at the bamboo model.

Last week when we reported that Xiaomi would be using alternate style rear covers, like Motorola and OnePlus, we said we were not sure if the case would just imitate the material or actually be made of the material.

That question was answered today as leaked spy photo of the bamboo Xiaomi Mi4 was released showing genuine bamboo grain across the rear of the phone. Bamboo with the mix stainless steel and the new slimmer design of the Mi4 promises to give the budget super phone a real premium feel.

We wait to hear what Xiaomi’s plan is with these covers. Will limited edition phones be launched with alternate rear panels or will the panels be available aftermarket? We currently don’t know.

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  • $2548414

    Xiaomi Mi4 is so good…a balanced phone at a nice price..BUT has 2 is non availability of DUAL SIM and of course second is non availability of memory expansion thru a Micro Sd card slot. By not incorporating these easily fixable flaws..I believe Xiaomi is limiting Mi4 attraction for millions of potential customers..

    • Manos

      The dual SIM is a problem the sdcard is not so much they should have version 32gb is good space for anyone.