OnePlus to develop its own ROM

OnePlus to develop its own ROM

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Reports today are suggesting that OnePlus are in the process of ditching Cyanogenmod in favour of their own ROM that will be developed in Taiwan.

Tech websites are full of news today telling that OnePlus are on their way to ditch Cyanogenmod in favour of their own Android ROM. Details are a little sketchy and we are not sure they are as clear cut as some would like us to believe.

As we all know the Chinese version of the OnePlus One ships with Oppo’s ColorOS, which the global version of the OnePlus One gets CM11s, a custom version of the latest Cyanogenmod ROM. With OnePlus moving their ROM development team to Taiwan we believe the the Chinese version of the OPO will be the first to receive the companies own ROM to help differentiate OnePlus products from Oppo devices. Of course the new OnePlus ROM will likely be compatible with the global version of the OPO, but we doubt that OnePlus and Cyanogen will be parting ways so soon.

What do you think of this news? Do you think it is likely that Oneplus will ditch CyanogenMod?

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  • Adam Irvine

    I really hope they keep Cyanogenmod as the official rom makers for the International Version, that’s one of the main reasons I bought it…

  • inez blafla

    I am so looking forward to Dave Weinstein’s comments to this one : D

  • POY

    As long as it isn’t PooIUI

  • This is decidedly bad news.

    There’s no good reason why they should have more than one official ROM anyway, and it should be CM11. This nonsense of using ColorOS in China is ridiculous, and if they spend even NT$1 on their own ROM they’ll want to force it on us to justify the expense of the development.

    I bought a OP1, but I continually surprised at the basic missteps the company keeps making. CM11 is their best feature, so, of course, they’re jettisoning it.

    Bad, bad, bad…

  • joe

    instead of spending money creating your own rom why don’t you use that money instead to increase production so I can actually buy the phone.

  • yudhir

    18 months support for cm11s on oneplus is promised. Its only targeting color OS from oppo . I believe.

    • Adam Irvine

      I thought it was 24months… (2 years of updates was promised)..?

      • So did I

        • yudhir

          But when did the clock start? haha. No one knows.

  • Ivan

    Another One Plus One wrong step…

  • I hope it’d be CyanogenMod. If it is, then no other can beat it at this range 🙂


  • george

    in the last minute they manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Another unknown ROM? Who will buy this phone if it had Jolla OS or Firefox OS? . Same

  • Allanitomwesh

    CyanogenMod isn’t going anywhere,they are ditching ColorOS