Xiaomi Mi2 and Mi2S to get MIUI V6 update

xiaomi miui v6

In 6 days time Xiaomi will launch MIUI V6, and even owners of older Xiaomi phones will be able to enjoy the features the new OS will bring.

MIUI V6 was only hinted at during the Xaiomi Mi4 launch, but it was enough to both excite and cause concern for owners of current Xiaomi devices. Owners of newer devices such as the Xiaomi Mi Pad and Mi3 obviously had a good chance of receiving the update but what about the users of older phones?

Today at least Xiaomi Mi2 and Mi2S owners can sign a breath of relief as it has been confirmed that V6 will come to those phones,

On August 16th the latest version of MIUI will officially launch along with details of which phones will eventually get the new system. Keep posted for more details.

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