IUNI announce launch date for flagship phone, plus an English ROM is on the way!

China is home to more than one start-up concentrating on flagship devices. IUNI are currently on track to launch their 2nd flagship phone later this month.

IUNI first started to make waves when they launched their U2 earlier this year ahead of the OnePlus One and Find 7. The U2 was a great first phone from the new brand featuring an all alloy body, and Snapdragon 800 processor for only $320.

It’s not been a year since that launch and already IUNI have announced that their second device, the IUNI U3 will launch on 26th August! From leaks and teasers we have discovered that the U3 will be a 5.5-inch phone with 2K display and easy to handle compact body. The phone could also either boast an octacore Mediatek processor or dual 4G LTE.

Anyone who has owned or tried the current version of the IUNI phone and IUNI ROM will no doubt be aware that there is no English in the system. Well this is about to change, although not announced in the news, our sources have confirmed that an English ROM for international markets will also be released at the end of this month.

This will be great news for new buyers and also current users of the U2.

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