ZTE confirm that Nubia Z7 is headed to India!

nubia z7 india

Oppo, Xiaomi and now it could be Nubia who take on the might Indian smartphone market!

You, might think that its difficult to get your hands on a Xiaomi or a OnePlus, but just try and get your hands on the latest Nubia Z7 models (as we have) and you will see just how difficult a phone can be to buy. With this in mind, we sincerely hope that ZTE, the parent company of Nubia, will make more phones for their launch in India!

Yes, that’s right! Today, ZTE have confirmed that the at least the Nubia Z7 Max smartphone will go on sale in India in the coming months.

nubia z7 india launch

The Nubia Z7 comes in 3 versions and was launched just a few months ago, but is currently only officially available in China. The Z7 range are unique in the flagship smartphone market in that all 3 models have high-powered Snapdragon processor, and support dual SIM!

Thanks to Madhan Kumar for the tip.

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