ZTE confirm that Nubia Z7 is headed to India!

nubia z7 india

Oppo, Xiaomi and now it could be Nubia who take on the might Indian smartphone market!

You, might think that its difficult to get your hands on a Xiaomi or a OnePlus, but just try and get your hands on the latest Nubia Z7 models (as we have) and you will see just how difficult a phone can be to buy. With this in mind, we sincerely hope that ZTE, the parent company of Nubia, will make more phones for their launch in India!

Yes, thatā€™s right! Today, ZTE have confirmed that the at least the Nubia Z7 Max smartphone will go on sale in India in the coming months.

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nubia z7 india launch

The Nubia Z7 comes in 3 versions and was launched just a few months ago, but is currently only officially available in China. The Z7 range are unique in the flagship smartphone market in that all 3 models have high-powered Snapdragon processor, and support dual SIM!

Thanks to Madhan Kumar for the tip.

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  1. Madhan Kumar
    August 18, 2014

    Yeah,I too hope so that they will launch Nubia Z7 Max in India atleast by October & thanks Andi for mentioning me in your Post!

    • Techieey
      August 20, 2014

      #Madhan Kumar

      Do you know rooting side of android?
      On how many phones have you actually did rooting or ROM things?

      • Madhan Kumar
        August 20, 2014

        Bro,I admit that I really don’t know about rooting & Rom Things.Why,is there a problem with Nubia Z7 Max Model?I did mentioned in my above posts that Nubia Z7 Max is going to be my first ever android phone,right now I am using very old & extremely outdated Nokia 5230 Symbian Phone.If you ask me I don’t want to brick my phone by rooting & flashing roms!

        • Techieey
          August 20, 2014

          The question I asked was not a personal attack on you. I am similar to you in one aspect that I have yet to buy my first android phone & I am also very excited about android & related tech.

          > Why,is there a problem with Nubia Z7 Max Model?

          No problem, instead it is a very good phone.
          Hope ZTE launches it early because of risk of losing market share by Xiaomi. Best of luck for getting the phone in first shipment.

          • Madhan Kumar
            August 20, 2014

            Thanks,bro.But what are you going to buy actually?Nubia Z7 Max or OPO or Mi4 or others? And what is your current phone?

            • Techieey
              August 23, 2014

              > Nubia Z7 Max or OPO or Mi4?

              I’ve a limited budget to go in for the above phones.

              > But what are you going to buy actually?

              I may buy Xiaomi Mi3 or Redmi 1S or if I get frustated I’ll buy any moto phone. I’ve learned one thing that specs really don’t matter, what matters is the experience with the device. Experience with the device mainly depends on the ROM & display quality. & Xiaomi’s MIUI is a very good ROM & I’d get good experience on cheap.

            • Madhan Kumar
              August 23, 2014

              Bro,If you have limited budget then better buy Xiaomi Mi3 or Redmi 1S.These two are great value for money phones.So,go for it.Anyway,Good luck in getting it with Flipkart Flashsales!

            • Techieey
              December 15, 2014

              I had purchased Redmi 1S in the first flash sale. It was as good as my expectations from MIUI ROM. Which phone did you bought or are looking for?

            • Madhan Kumar
              December 24, 2014

              First of all I am very sry for the late reply,because I have no laptop/smartphone.I am now typing with my friends laptop.That’s great to hear that you have got Redmi 1S,that too in the first flash sale.I hope so that you’re having a great time with Redmi 1S.I am waiting to buy Micromax Yureka,I need money to buy it.I think I will arrange money with in Feb/March 2015.Will let you know if I had bought Yureka.And I can’t reply you because I don’t have laptop/smartphone.Hope you understand,bye!

  2. Madhan Kumar
    August 18, 2014

    Nubia Z7 Series are selling like hot cakes in China when compared to Mi4 & OPO.That’s the main reason,Andi was not able to grab a Nubia Z7 Phone for review.The main reason for Z7 Series Popularity is as follows:

    1)4G Dual-sim Maximum Network Support & Supports all Asian Networks including Cdma & Evdo Rev A Networks thus serving as a Future Proof(Both Sim Slots Supports 4G Network,but Dual Stand by Mode only & not Dual Active)

    2)Z7 Mini & Max Model’s (Built-in Batteries) supports 64GB Memory Card Expansion,but Flagship Model Z7(Removable Battery) doesn’t support’s Expansion!

    3)No Free Yellow Band likewise OPO,Lolz!

    4)Good Customer Service Support when compared to Xiaomi & OPO(They are already operating in India & has service Centers to serve us ready)

    5)NFC & Infrared Support

    6)I will personally get Z7 Max Model which suits my budget & also has good all around features.It would have been great if only Z7 Max has got 3GB Ram likewise OPO & Mi4,but everyone has to accept the fact that 2GB Ram is more than enough for a phone to perform.

    As Z7 Max is going to be my first ever android device,I hope so that I will indeed keep it for atleast four years likewise what I have done with my Nokia 5230!

    I Whole Heartedly Thank Andi Skyes,Yash Garg,Abbie,Robin Maxwell,Ying Hua & Christopher StraƟer for creating such a wonderful & useful blog for us.I swear without Gizchina I wouldn’t have known this far about Smartphones.Keep it up,Gizchina Team!

    • Barry
      August 18, 2014

      All 3 of the phones you mentioned are difficult to obtain, unless you want to pay rediculous prices. Zte is a huge muli-national company and has more stock than the other two companies, The Z7s from China are not 4G international.

      • Madhan Kumar
        August 19, 2014

        Yeah,I accept that it is very difficult to obtain.You will have to pay rediculous price for obtaining it.Yes,Z7 Series has 4G Asian support & not worldwide 4G support.But I think it has got 3G worldwide support!