Xiaomi hope to boost Redmi 1S appeal with a mint green option

xiaomi redmi mint

The Xioami Redmi 1S is currently the best selling Xiaomi phone to date, but even with its mighty success the phone could do with an update to the design. Xiaomi’s answer is a new mint green colour option.

Currently only available in darker colour options, the Xiaomi Redmi 1S, is the entry-level device from the Bejing based phone maker and manages to sell like hotcakes despite sporting the same design for other a year, thanks to a low price a exceptional performance.

Still the black body of the Redmi 1S doesn’t really appeal to every demographic after to some low-cost Snapdragon performance and so a new colour will be added. A light green, or mint green colour option will soon be available in the attempt to boost sales to female and more style conscious buyers.

Specifications for the mint green Xiaomi Redmi 1S remain the same with 1GB RAM, Snapdragon 400 processor, 720p display, 2000mAh battery and 8 mega-pixel F2.0 rear camera.

Do you think that a colour change is enough, or is the Redmi really in need of an updated design? Let us know you thoughts below.

[ GizChina.it ]
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