Pre-orders for the OnePlus One start late October

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This should give you OnePlus One fans some respite. After about 6 months of launch of its first ever device, OnePlus will start taking pre-orders for the OnePlus One.

That might sound a bit worse than it actually is, though. That’s because, as you know, OnePlus works on an invite system at the moment. It’s pretty straightforward, just not something that everyone was used to earlier. It isn’t clear yet if the invite system will be abandoned for good or what, but OnePlus have today formally announced that the company will start taking pre-orders for the One starting late-October.

OnePlus will accept pre-orders during a finite duration of time. It isn’t clear how often or when the window will open, but it is announced that there will be no cap to pre-orders. Depending upon the inventory, you’ll either have to wait for your device to be shipped to you or have it sent right away. Another aspect is invites, which like we mentioned, might continue to exist. If you do get an invite after pre-ordering the One, you’ll have the chance to use it right away and skip the queue.


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OnePlus has been criticized for the invite system from all corners of the world. However, those that did get the OnePlus One have invariably liked the device, including me and our editor, Andi. That’s perhaps what has prompted OnePlus to explore new markets, India being the first of the lot.

So, will you be waiting until October, or will you buy something else?

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