Why didn’t they think of it sooner? Aukey 5-port USB charging station review

aukey 5 usb charging station review

Chances are you have a lot of mobile devices or small gadgets which require charging from a USB. Wouldn’t it be great if you could clear your plugs of all those individual chargers with one simple product? Well now you can!

I recently moved home and found that my new apartment is lacking in the power outlet department. With the number of phones, tablet, computers we have to keep topped up this is a problem. The simple solution was to go out and buy a few extension cords, but what I really wanted was some sort of charging dock containing only USB ports.

Now I am sure this is not a new idea and you will probably have your own favourite USB Charging Stations, but the one I came across is the Aukey 5-Port USB Charging Station.

aukey 5 usb charging station review

Aukey are a relatively new company who focus on producing accessories to keep your mobile life simple. Their range currently includes a this USB station a couple of in car charging solutions, bluetooth speakers and a few other interesting mobile accessories.

Aukey 5-port USB Charging Station Review

The station comes packed in a simple recycled cardboard box with neat design and green logo. I don’t know if it is Aukey’s intention to appear environmentally friendly but that’s the impression I get (which surely can’t hurt sales).

aukey 5 usb charging station review

Sliding the sleeve of the box and opening the box we uncover the simple white box. There is also a black version available too.

aukey 5 usb charging station review

The white brick is elegant in its simplicity, and much smaller than the packaging would have be believe. If there was one think I would complain about it is the rather sharp corners, but then again this isn’t a product that is designed for life in your hand or in your pocket.

Quality plastic is used for a really sturdy feeling case, and although not heavy there is a little weight to it. I certainly wouldn’t want it to drop on my foot anyway. The top of the brick has a textured finish with the Aukey logo, which the side and bottom are glossy white.


Having a smooth plastic base on the unit might not sound like such a great idea, but Aukey have a reason for this. Also included in the box is a small rubber patch with suction cups. Attaching this to the base of the USB station gives you some flexibility where to locate it.

Simply stick it to your desk top, of if you haven’t space why not stick it on the wall, side of your computer monitor, under your desk, side of your TV etc! A very neat little feature!

Also including in the box is a mains plug (in this case an EU plug) with a good length on it to help with locating your station and a velcro strap for tidying up any slack.

In use the Aukey 5-port USB Charging Station couldn’t be simpler to use. Simply plugin it in to your mains plug and pop in up to 5 different products for simultaneous charging. Its a very neat solution to a problem I am sure thousands of other people are having to deal with.

Pricing for the Aukey 5-port USB Charging Station Review is around $20, for that price it really is an essential bit of kit and would even make a great stocking filler for someone this Christmas.

For more details of Aukey products head over to their official website.

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