OPPO’s N3 will let you choose between 2 durable alloys for the chassis!

oppo n3

In a first, OPPO will be offering the upcoming N3 in a couple of different variants with respect to body construction.

Following the footsteps of Meizu, OPPO announced that the upcoming N3 would be made out of aircraft grade material. Come today, and we learn that that’s not the only version the N3 will come in.


The other material option that the N3 will offer is Stainless Steel, besides Aluminium Lithium Alloy. Both have their pros and cons: the former is known to be among the most durable alloys, and is used in a lot of industrial as well as home equipment. The latter, on the other hand, will offer respite to those who feel that smartphones of today are getting too heavy for comfort.

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There’s no word yet on pricing, but OPPO’s track record suggests that this one’ll probably cost more than or about US$500. It’ll be succeeding the OPPO N1, so we’re confident about the camera capabilities on this one; the N1, during its time, was easily the smartphone camera king.

Well, the launch is pegged for the 29th next month, so mark your calendars, OPPO fanboys and fangirls!

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  1. realjjj
    September 25, 2014

    If that’s the USB cutout then it looks like it will be a big phone again (N1 has a 5.9 inch screen) but can’t say for sure if it’s 5.9 or even more.

    • September 25, 2014

      Really unclear, since it’s quite possible that it could have a USB 3.1 Type-C connector, which is about the same size as micro-USB, but reversible.

      We only get to see one side of the chassis in both photos, so it’s not clear if the N3 will have the ridiculous looking camera pod on the top or not.

      It’s also not clear how big the size bezel is, so who’s to say at this point how big the phone will be. I’ve been using an LG G3 while in the US, and I quite like the size (and could even go bigger) even though the screen is 5.5″. The G3 feels like a mid-sized phone despite the large-ish screen.

      • realjjj
        September 25, 2014

        It’s too early for Type-C we might see some demos at CES but not devices just yet.
        And i wasn’t saying that big is bad ( i actually prefer 5.5 or bigger) just trying to extract more info from the bits available and it certainly looks like it’s at least 5.9 inch but could be more.

        • September 26, 2014

          I’m not sure I agree with your type-C timing assessment. Type-C is finalized now, and all that’s needed to use it with old gear is a cable adapter. I’d guess that we’ll start seeing it on Snapdragon 805 based devices and device refreshes. I’d also be surprised if ANY of the Snapdragon 808/810 based devices DIDN’T have a type-C connector.

          I do share your size preference. I’ve been using a US based LG G3 for the past 2 months, and I love the 5.5″ screen. Since 90% of the device face is the display, the device is rather like a mid-sized phone, and I could easily see going comfortably to a 5.9″ or 6″ size with the same small bezels.

    • September 26, 2014

      Yeah, from the teasers they’ve been putting up it looks like it’s going to be a 5.9 incher again.