Chinese start-up ECOO plan to launch 699 Yuan octacore phone with 1080 display

ecoo chinese phone startup

We’ve seen plenty of challenges made on the Xiaomi Redmi, but few have actually managed to knock the device from the top of the mid-range podium, but now ECOO are here and have some big ideas.

The Xiaomi Redmi at 799 Yuan is damn good value for money! It has a good screen, good processor and feature rich MIUI ROM, and it is about time something better came along. When the Redmi first arrived it was unbelievable value, but now we know much more is possible at this low cost.

Chinese smartphone start-up ECOO have been in touch and announced on their Facebook page that they will be launching a new phone for just 699 Yuan. Full specifications are not known but we can confirm that 2 of the highlights of the phone will be an octacore Mediatek processor and 1080 FHD display!

Pricing is for China for now, but even if the international cost jumped slightly higher we still have a very good chance this phone could cost below $150!

We’ll keep our eyes out for updates from this new brand as they release more details.

[ ECOO ]
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