Funtouch 2.0 for Vivo phones leaked based on Android 4.4.2

vivo funtouch 2.0

Vivo phone users can look forward to receiving and Android 4.4.2 update soon plus a new UI with Funtouch 2.0.

Funtouch is the ROM which ships on Vivo’s Android smartphones. The OS is a clean, good looking, bloat free ROM which is optimised well. Vivo have also been good with regular(isn) updates, but the next OTA might have a little more in store.

These screenshots show the first leaked look at Funtouch 2.0, which will be based on Android 4.4.2 Kitkat.

According to a Vivo designer the new version of the ROM will get a simplified, flat look, and will see a few visual updates and added features. As we can see in the second screenshot the task manager and toggle area has been refreshed and the Icons mirror the design of other recent ROM updates.

Vivo haven’t said when they will be releasing the ROM, or which phones will be first to receive it, however it seems likely that they will release it alongside the next Vivo Xplay device before the end of the year.

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