Discussion: Would you buy the $80 Catee CT550?

Today we got in to a bit of a debate with a Chinese resellers who tell us the Catee CT550 is the greatest thing since sliced bread, however our opinion is it really isn’t something you guys would be interested in. Have your say.

We were approached today by 1949deal to review their Catee CT550 smartphone. Catee is 1949deal’s own brand phone company and they asked us to review the phone as they believed customers want cheap, large screen phones. We countered that line of thought with “well yes some customers do, but not when it means the rest of the hardware has to suffer”.

Going over the hardware we can see the 5.5-inch Catee CT550 has a resolution of just 960 x 540, only 512mb RAM, still runs Android 4.2 and to top it all off has just a dual-core processor!

In my opinion phones like the Catee CT550 shouldn’t exist any longer. Surely we are at the point where manufactures should stop building phones thinking “a bigger screen is better”, and instead make a well-rounded, solid performing devices. Wouldn’t a smaller 4.5-inch 720p phone with a quad-core processor and at least 1GB RAM and Kitkat sound a whole lot better than the Catee CT550?

I have told 1949deal that I am writing this article and they are actually very open to hear your opinions, so make yourself heard in the comments below. I’ll start the comments off.

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