If a gold iPhone doesn’t cut it then why not the $32,000 Chinese Veb V2?

veb v2

China has the worlds fastest growing phone market and the range of device sweep the spectrum from cheap and cheerful to downright ludicrous! Guess where we would place the $32,000 Veb V2.

Imagine you are a Chinese business man with cash to burn. All your peers are running around with the latest iPhone 6, some of them might even have a limited edition Blackberry or Vertu, but you want to standout from the crowd what do you buy?

Well Chinese phone maker Veb hope those affluent enough will choose the Veb V2 smartphone. At a shade under 200,000 Yuan ($32600), the V2 is possibly the most expensive Chinese smartphone every to be made!

Now we have long known that Chinese phone makers can produce some stunning equipment for only 2000 Yuan, so imagine what should be possible with 200,000! Prepared to be let down though as this iPhone wannabe with cheesy looking diamond border boasts just 512mb RAM, 4-inch 480 x 800 display, Android 2.3 and only has 2G GSM and 3G support. However if security is a concern then the fact it runs a 128-bit encryption chip might draw you in.

veb v2

If you do happen to like the Veb V2 but you budget can’t quite stretch to the asking price then there are a couple of cheaper Veb phones raining from just 8000 Yuan to 50,000 Yuan!

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