Update: Xiaomi’s GoPro rival Mi Camera could cost as little as 99 Yuan

A few days ago we broke news that Xiaomi were planning a GoPro style action camera and were working alongside a company in Shanghai to see it happen. Today more fuel for the rumour fire arrives.

UPDATE: The source has no updated the cost to 999 Yuan which is $163. Not as low as the first rumour but still much more affordable than a GoPro.

In try Xiaomi style, the rumoured Mi Camera (our own working title) is believed to cost as little as 99 Yuan once it hits Chinese E-commerce stores at the end of this year. To you and I that is around $17, just a fraction of the price of a GoPro or similar big name action video camera.

As for specifications we have some more details of those too. The Mi Camera is believed to have a 138 degree wide angle lens, a must for this type of camera so you can get as much of the trail in as possible. The hardware inside the camera is though to be able to take 30 FPS 4K video or 120fps at 1080p. Videos will be stored on SD cards with the maximum supported being a huge 128GB!

This is a product I’m really looking forward to get my hands on!

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