Leaked photos show either Nubia Z9 or JingDong’s bezel-less phone

Leaked photos show either Nubia Z9 or JingDong’s bezel-less phone


A mystery near bezel less phone has been spotted in spy photos, but what device is it and who makes it?

This white phone has shown up on Chinese social media showing a near bezel-less design , but who is behind the device remains a mystery. Some sources are claiming that the white phone in the photos is the next generational ZTE Nubia Z9 due to the home button which is similar to other Nubia models, while others are claiming that the phone the rumoured device from E-commerce site JingDong.

What we can see from the photos is the that the phone does not seem to be too large, with a display size of around 5.2-inch to 5.3-inch. The phone is appears to have no bezel, with just a small porting of the metal frame left on each side to protect the screen.


If this is in fact a new Nubia then it will surely be powered by the next generation Nubia Snapdragon 805 chipset of similar with high end flagship features such as 3GB RAM, 1080 display and OIS rear camera.

We’ll keep our ear’s to the ground for more information.

[ GizChina.es ]
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  • realjjj

    lol that’s horrible,the upper and lower bezels are iphone huge.

    • antidumb

      hmm.. not sure but i think that because of optical illusion effect because side bezel is crop then upper and lower bezel looks longer.

  • I’m about to buy the Nubia Z7 Max and they are releasing a new one? Oh well, I definitely ain’t waiting.

    • mf1gt3r

      Ogbonaya u no dey gree. Finding it hard making a decision between Nubia Z7 max, Iuni U3 and Meizu mx4.

      • Lol … mf1gt3r, I recently bought a Cube Talk 9X just less than a month ago and I’m about to buy the ZTE NUBIA Z7 MAX and the Jiayu G4S (for my fiancee) and an assortment of accessories for all of them.

        Anyways back to your question … I finally decided to buy the Nubia Z7 max because of dual Sim. Plus I don’t really need the 2K display thing on a phone. I’m happy with 1080p on a 5.5 inch display (all three devices have 5.5 inch displays). Besides the 2k resolution will have it’s negative impact on both the battery and the GPU. And wrt the ROM, there’s already a cyanogenmod CM11 ROM for the Nubia which works perfectly.

        So ZTE Nubia z7 Max wins in my opinion.

        And no I’m not Lag. I’m in Owerri, Imo state.

        • mf1gt3r

          Nice. Nubia z7 max it will be then. Just ordered a tripod. Long exposure and HDR thaings.

          • Hmm .. is the tripod for your phone? You planning on using your phone for professional photography?

            • mf1gt3r

              Not really pro. But I need it for long exposure shots and HDR with the z7 max.

            • Ah OK. I didn’t know you have a z7 max. Well tell me, is the camera as good as the reviews say?

            • mf1gt3r

              Mine is on the way. Not yet received it.

            • That’s very encouraging to hear. It’s very important to me. Thanks for the info bro.

            • mf1gt3r

              But with the uploads I’ve seen. It is really good. Probably better than the opo camera. Even if both phones use the same imx214.

      • Mesterio

        Eiiii ma broders na you dey talk like so infront of oyibo?
        Jiayu G4s is amazing and the battery is incredible. The only thing i noticed is that my nexus 4 is just slightly smoother when it comes to swiping off notification but I am sure changing my ROM will sort it. Will do that soonish.

        • mf1gt3r

          The last Jiayu I used was the G3. Was hoping the S3 will be launched sooner tater.

    • mf1gt3r

      After dead bricking my ZTE Grand S2 am left with a Faea F1 which is not so good. Maybe I can get someone who has the s291 in lag. Are u in lag?

  • Aeonia

    wonder how the black version will look…

  • Richard

    I own the z7 and I don’t think that that picture shows the z9 bc the design is quite different.

  • zhongtiao1

    I believe it is neither and just a cropped photo of the Nubia x6 phone, that’s why the bezels are so big on the top and the bottom.

  • Jason45

    For people who want to read the newest LG display with very thin bezels, go to this site:


    I mention it, because the press article says that this display will most likely be first available in Chinese phones (perhaps the JD phone). I am excited about the screen, hopefully the other specs are also great.

  • desponent

    Do not want. The amount of accidental touch this phone will have already make it no go for me.

  • balcobomber25

    Looks like a cross between an Iphone and a Mi4. I am not a fan of a bezel less phone, it’s just too much especially with how big the top and bottom are it makes it just look off.