DJI Inspire One, a feature packed smart drone anyone can fly

DJI have a long history with innovative quad-copters, but the new DJI Inspire One is a totally different beast from what we have seen before.

If you know DJI then you are probably well aware of its Phantom range of quad-copters. Easy to fly 4 rotor remote control aircraft easy enough for beginners to fly but powerful enough to carry a camera.

While the Phantom is a great entry-level device the Inspire One has features that novice and professional will both appreciate. First up the Inspire One boasts a fold up landing gear which automatically tucks away and allows unobstructed 360 aerial views.

Video is captured by the built-in camera which can either record 4K video or 12 megapixel stills.

As with most quad-copters the Inspire One knows where it launched from and can fly back to base by itself, but more impressively it can home in on the controller so that it can fly directly back to you even if you have moved from the take off point.

For me though the killer feature is the tracking option which will allow the Inspire One to lock on to a subject and track them automatically. This is an amazing feature which I have been waiting to see, one that will really enable would be film makers when recording high-speed action!

DJI have set pricing at around $2800 which is right in the middle of the DJI pack.

[ DJI ]
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