Xiaomi App Store heading to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore

Xiaomi are adding to their international phone launches by expanding their app store to allow apps from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

The Xiaomi app store, Xiaomi’s own Android application portal, is one of the largest 3rd party Android stores in the world. Xiaomi claim that they are averaging around 50 million downloads a day, not surprising as the app store (which can be found online at app.mi.com) is also available for non Xiaomi devices too.

With a record breaking 10 billion downloads, Xiaomi have announced today that they will be opening their store up to more developers around the world. The first devs to benefit from this are those from Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Just as customers flock to Xiaomi products, it is highly likely developers will too especially when there is serious money to be made (Xiaomi say they have paid around $60million to Chinese developers so far).

xiaomi downloads

As usual this is a staggered launch, but we doubt it will be long before Malaysian and Indian developers will also get to benefit too.

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