DOOGEE step in to the luxury phone market as pre-orders of the Doogee DG700 Titans 2 begin

doogee dg700

DOOGEE are a popular brand but not one we would say is known for precision build and luxury, so the launch of their ‘Military Grade’ DOOGEE DG700 Titans 2 has very mush grabbed our attention.

A luxury phone, bounds with leather and branding oddly shaped buttons is never going to be on my shopping list (I prefer my money to go in to quality design and hardware than unnecessary design flourishes), but the market for these types of phones is expanding.

The DG700 Titans 2 is DOOGEE’s first attempt to break in to this niche market and by the looks of things are going in the right direction. The design of the pone is odd, with a strange shape, odd buttons and leather back that even the most gaudy Vertu phone would be proud off.

DOOGEE say the exterior is of “military grade” but fail to say what material is used. The images show what looks like alloy, with a crocodile skin rear, but for all we know it could be made of military grade toilet paper.

The DG700 Titans 2 actually does have some nice features built-in including a 4000mAh battery with fast charge, gesture control, hot knot, OTG and even IP67 water, dust and shock proof certificate.

If a rugged, luxury phone is what you are after this Christmas then the DG700 is on pre sale now for $129.99 with SD card and Christmas stocking thrown in too.

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