Xiaomi wants to clean up Beijing’s air with smart air purifier

Adding to their range of a smart router, TV box, light bulb and home security camera, Xiaomi have today launched their own smart air purifier.

Beijing’s poor air quality is often shown in the news, but the seriousness of the problem doesn’t really strike you until you have actually seen it first hand. So far this year I have been to Beijing around 10 times, and am always shocked by how fast a beautiful blue day can turn in to dense pollution.


For people living in Beijing the issue is a serious health risk and air purifiers are a popular, but expensive home appliance that many families hope to own. As usual it is Xiaomi who have come to Beijingers aid with a low-cost alternative to help improve their daily life.

The Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier costs just 899 Yuan where as a similar model from a local electronics store can be upwards of 6000 Yuan. Xiaomi say that their device can remove up to 99.9 % of PM2.5 particles on a room of around 406 cubic meters in about an hour.

The sleep alloy design houses replaceable air filters that are available for 149 Yuan each, and will be connected to your smart device via the Mi Home app for remote activation and monitoring.

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