Suspected full specifications of the Meizu Blue Charm aka Meilan

23rd December is the date that Meizu will release the Blue Charm smartphone, and as you would expect leaks of the phone are spilling out from all sources, including these purported full specifications.

From benchmarks, and sources we have a fair idea of what to expect from the Meizu Blue Charm, or the Meilan as it might be officially named at launch, but nothing quite beats a full specification leak to get the excitement going!

Below we have what we, and many others believe are the full specifications of the Meilan smartphone leaked on Chinese social portal Weibo. Obviously the details are in Chinese so we have translated them in the following table, though the main points of interest are a 64bit MT6752 processor, 2GB RAM, 13 mega-pixel main camera, LTE and a retail price of 799 Yuan.

Meizu Meilan Blue Charm Specifications Chinese

meizu meilan specifications

Meizu Meilan Blue Charm Specifications English

[table id=181 /]

Interestingly the screen size has been left off this document but we believe these are the specs for the 4.6-inch 1080 model. Another interesting point is that it seems the SIM will be accessible from a SIM tray rather than from behind a rear panel.

Core fans of Meizu will be happy to know that sources tell us that the Meilan will use a halo home button in traditional Meizu fashion rather than a physical home button.

The launch date for the Meilan will be 23rd December with a launch around January. Due to the close proximity to Christmas day we won’t be at this launch but we will keep you posted with the latest news.

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