Leaked: Could this by the rumoured Xiaomi Mi5?

xiaomi mi5

We were skeptical about the idea that Xiaomi could launch a new flagship phone at CES, but this purported leaked image is having us think again.

The image spotted by GizChina reader Ryan (thanks for that) over on Weibo shows a phone similar in appearance to the current Xiaomi Mi4, and on closer inspection even has the familiar Mi logo and is running MIUI, but while scrutinising the image you may notice a few other details.

Xiaomi’s Mi4 flagship is a 5-inch phone, but the device in this image is a much larger smartphone possibly measuring between 5.5-inch and as large as 5.7-inch. We can see that the overall look of the Mi4 is retained by this mystery phone, but the large screen has narrow bezels to keep the width down to a minimum.

Sources belive that the phone will run a 2K display and pack a Snapdragon 810 with at least 3GB RAM and offer LTE. So is this the real Xiaomi Mi5 that is rumoured to launch at CES, or is this another photo shop phone? What do you guys think?

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