Xiaomi to launch new phones on 15th January?

Rumours are inbound that Xiaomi will be releasing something new on January 15th next year!

Chinese tech analysts are all a chatter over the possibility that Xiaomi could be ready to launch a couple of new devices early next year, in the next 3 weeks in fact! This isn’t the first time that Xiaomi have been rumoured to release new devices, in the past Hugo Barra himself mentioned that a couple of new Xiaomi phones would launch in 2015 based on the same Android framework as the Xiaomi Mi3.

It’s unclear which models will be launched, but we can hazard a guess. Chances are we won’t see a Xiaomi Mi4S as many had speculated, instead we should see the launch of a new Xiaomi Redmi (long overdue in our opinion) and possibly a new low cost tablet. There are also chances a Leadcore SoC powered phone could go on sale and a new Redmi Note too.

We will keep our ear to the ground and see what unfolds!

[ GizChina.it ]
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